Technological solutions are not the first step but the last, some of our clients know perfectly what technological solution they need, but in many cases they only have a vision of the problems they have and what aspects they would like to improve.

We will invest the necessary time to understand the business, jointly doing an external and internal analysis to jointly determine their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

This will give us the necessary vision to be able to propose improvements and solutions of a technological type, but also of an organizational, operational, etc. type.

It will also give us the right criteria to prioritize the actions, starting with the ones with the most value, but also including the quick-win ones.

We value together with the client the cost / benefit of the proposals.

The client will have at this moment an improvement plan that can be carried out.

Some of them will require the application of technology, with them we elaborate a “Systems Plan”, which will provide a framework and a strategy, a “Roadmap” of IT projects for the short, medium and long term.

Once we have the agreed systems plan, we can continue to help with our Software Development and System Administration services.


We make applications and web platforms, mobile applications for iOS and Android, systems integration, e-commerce, etc.

In case our client has a need not covered by standard commercial products we put our development team into operation.

It all starts with a detailed requirements survey, with the help of the client and our experience, we will document the initial requirements of the project.

We work with AGILE methodology to improve quality and productivity, more information here.

We define the architecture including the choice of most appropriate technologies (systems, languages, platforms, services, etc.).

A good architecture is necessary so that development can evolve and does not require redesigns in early phases. We have to anticipate the future needs of the project and implement it taking them into account.

We always apply the “best practices” recommended for each language, technology and platform, to facilitate future maintenance and updating.

During the process, we create the necessary code repositories, the testing environments and document everything so that the client has complete knowledge and control over its operation.


We come to the end with our projects, once developed you have to put it into production and exploit it.

This implies a whole set of tasks that must be carried out.

Configuration of servers or scalable cloud systems.
Collection of logs and issuance of alarms.
Monitoring of systems
Systems security

In this case also each system has its requirements.

It is not the same a website that has to support 24×7 sales in which a fall of 4 hours can be a considerable economic loss, that a management support application that may not be available for two days without any representative impact on the deal. Each one will require different policies, resources, replicas, etc.

We create the maintenance and exploitation plan of each system according to your needs, investing the necessary but not more, always looking for the optimal relationship between cost and benefit.