08 Jan 2019

Agile Methodology

Integration concept. Industrial and smart technology. Business and automation solutions.

In Digital Age Team we usually recommend to our clients to work using the AGILE methodology, this means that we do not consider the requirements totally closed before starting the programming, since many times, some requirements are discovered as progress is made in the development, and it is better to rectify and adapt the requirements as progress is made in the project than to close them at the beginning and to have imbalances at the end due to issues that were not dealt with in sufficient depth.

With the AGILE methodology, work is usually carried out in two-week cycles, after which the work done to the client is shown and the work to be done is decided next. We continually negotiate which issues are prioritized, which are not, in order to arrive at date with an implementation that satisfies the fundamental needs of the client.

Following the methodology Agile improves the quality of the final deliverable that is much closer to the real needs of the client. It also allows to adapt to the change in a faster way, and also helps to maintain a constant production rate, increasing overall productivity.